Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fishbowl #4; A Long Way Gone, Chapters 11-14

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  2. I feel like Ishmael has hit rock bottom in these chapters because of the circumstances hes in. For example, hes now addicted to drugs that the army has given him. He is in pain because of the headaches he experiences from the drugs. He is now in Being in the army is scary because he doesn't know who he'll have to kill, What if he stumbles upon one of his friends or family and is forced to kill them or bury their body. On page 99 Ishmael says “I tried to imagine what it felt like for Gasemu when his fingers vibrated o let the last air out of his body.”(Beah 99) When he says this i I think he is starting to realize how he will most likely not get out of the army alive and is starting to give up on life a little bit. I think that he is going to overdose on drugs and be left for dead in a camp then someone is going to find him and help him recover and escape to America.